Elder Dexter J. Davis, chosen and call to serve in the kingdom of God. He is sixth of eleven children born to Sister Agnes Richardson on December 2, 1965. Elder Davis was born in San Antonio Texas and raised in Corpus Christi Texas, where he graduated from Roy Miller High School of June 1984.

He enlisted in the United States Navy on 17 December 1984, and has completed 24 years in United States Navy of December of 2008.

Elder Davis received the call of God at an early age, and experienced the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the age of nine where he attended a local Pentecostal church. However, he knew in his heart, there was something missing in his life. In the year of 1988, he met a sister in the Lord who invited him to Christ Temple Apostolic Church in San Diego, California. Since that day, his life was forever changed. He experienced the second time the baptism of Holy Ghost and was baptized in the precious name of Jesus for remission of sins. A year later he was married to his wife, former Wanda J. Buster of Tampa, Florida. His wife also received the gift of the Holy Ghost and baptized in the precious name of Jesus as well.
Elder Davis worked in many roles at Christ Temple Apostolic Church under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Donnie N. McGriff Sr. He was usher, altar worker, ordained as a deacon, Sunday school teacher and chaplain. Also was a vice president and choir director of men ministry. In 1991 Elder Davis was called into the Prison Ministry. As a Correctional Staff member at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, California, he had the burden to start a prison ministry.     After receiving approval from a naval chaplain he immediately started holding weekly bible studies and had monthly services from Christ Temple Apostolic Church. Due to his faithful dedication over 75 souls was filled and baptized in the precious name of Jesus.
After completion of brig duty, Elder Davis was assigned to USS Denver in March of 1992 to February 1996. During his tour aboard USS Denver, Elder Davis was assigned as the Command Apostolic Lay Leader which he taught bible studies and facilitated various religious programs during deployments. Witnessed several souls received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and baptized a soul overseas in (Hong Kong) in the precious name of Jesus. In the month of March 1994 Elder Davis received California state minister license from   Nevada Hawaii District Episcopal Council.
After completion of assignment at USS Denver, Elder Davis received orders to Navy Instructor School, graduated and was assigned to Lack land AFB, San Antonio Texas in November of 1996. While stationed in San Antonio Texas, Elder Davis and wife Wanda Davis joined Greater Lincoln Park Temple under the watch care of Pastor Jonathan Ellis. Elder Davis immediately became involved in the prison ministry in San Antonio, Texas.  He traveled over 150 miles on Saturdays to Three River Federal Prison preaching the word of God,  many souls were baptized in Jesus name and received confirmation of souls receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
He was an assistant to Suffragan Bishop Alfred Perry church (Christ Temple Apostolic Church) in San Antonio, Texas.  He performed various duties while serving under his leadership. Elder Davis completed ministerial course from Aenon Bible College to pursue elevation in ministry to attain National Elder license, which he received from Texas Council District of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in the month of August 1999.
Elder Davis received orders back to San Diego, Ca in June 1999 where he and his wife joined North Park Apostolic Church under spiritual leadership of Bishop Joel D. Trout, working as a local minister and serving in the Prison Ministry at various Correction facilities in San Diego, Ca. While stationed aboard USS Peleliu, he served as Command Apostolic Lay Leader, taught bible studies and performed weekly Gospel services during deployments. Once again, God manifested his power aboard the ship. Lives were changed; souls received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and performed water baptisms in Jesus name in the Middle East and Australia.
In June of 2005, Elder Davis received his Bachelor Degree in Theology at International Apostolic University in San Diego, Ca. He and his wife were later transferred to Maryland where he was assigned to presidential support facilities. He met a local pastor, Dr. James E. Graham of Rose of Sharon ministries. There, he became involved in many roles: Assistant to the pastor, Sunday school teacher for adult class, outreach ministry leader and annual event coordinator for church functions.

Elder Davis is truly a man after God own heart and loves God people. He has a desire to preach the gospel to the entire world.