Pastor Felton was born again on October 22, 1990 at the age of nineteen and received the gift of the Holy Ghost in December 1990.  He was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ at the age of twenty and called and chosen by God

to preach the Gospel on February 17, 1992, at which time he accepted his calling.  Pastor Felton was saved at Jesus Christ Armed Forces Ministries, under the leadership of Elder Wash Carthon Jr. from October 1990-October 1991 in Lakehurst, New Jersey.  After the move of God transferred Pastor Carthon, Pastor Felton went to serve at Pentecostal Bridegroom Temple under the leadership of Bishop Ronald L Young, where he continued to grow and faithfully serve the Lord from October 1991-April 1993, when was transferred to San Diego, Ca.

By the guidance and direction of the Lord, Pastor Felton attended Christ Temple Apostolic Church, under the direction and leadership of Bishop Donnie N. McGriff, where he served faithfully for twelve years.  While serving at CTAC, Pastor Felton held numerous positions such as, Pentecostal Young People Union President, Sunday School Director, Sunday School Teacher, International Apostolic University Instructor, Usher, Evangelism Director, Assistant to the Pastor, and Pastor’s Armor Bearer.

In April 2004, it was the will of the Lord for Pastor Felton to be transferred to Norfolk, Virginia.  Through the love God he re-joined with Pastor Wash Carthon, who was in the process of planting the School of Tyrannius International Ministries.  Pastor Felton allowed his gifts and talents to be utilized to further the kingdom of God; giving many hours to build the house of the Lord.   Upon completion of the mission of God for his life, in July of 2007, Elder Felton was directed by God to relocate to Texas and begin the ministry, New Life In Jesus Christ Ministries, for such a time as this.  After transitioning to Texas in January 2008 and after much prayer, fasting, and oppositions, Pastor Felton and his Wife obeyed God and launched New Life Prayer Center out of their home in February 2008.  Many souls was delivered, healed and restored. The yoke of the devil was destroyed while the power of God was being manifested.

In May 2008 the Lord spoke the word for Pastor Felton to launch New Life In Jesus Christ Ministries on July 27, 2008.  Through much prayer and help from his wife, Evangelist Yashica Felton and CKM Design, the ministry was catapulted.

Pastor Felton fatihfully served over 21 years and retired from the U. S. Navy, where he earned numerous awards and recognitions.  He published his first book entitled “Appointed Praise for an Appointed Time, Releasing Your Appointed Blessings” in February 2005.  In June 2000 he earned a Bachelors in Church Administration and Organizations from International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth; also he is an Alumni Graduate of American Military University where he earned a Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Organizational Behavior.

Lastly, but not the least, Pastor Felton was born to Arthur L. Felton Sr. and Carolyn Ann Brown (deceased).  He married Evangelist Yashica Stafford on July 24, 1993, whom he have been married to for 18 years and been with for 24 years.  They have one son, Jeremiah Elisha Felton.  The Felton family loves God and his people and is elated to do the work of the Lord.